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ACP Modified Martial Arts

A Style designed to adapt to the student...

A quick explanation of the Modified Martial Arts system

     I have trained for over 20 years in the martial arts under great instructors who have trained under some of the most well known in those styles. But, I also have the experience of being in many altercations where I have either used self defense to completely diffuse, or avoid physical confrontation, or used what I know to get home safely to my family.
     That is the ultimate goal of Self Defense, to arrive at your doorstep safely for your husband/wife and/or kids. And that is my goal as an instructor and my responsibility to teach you in such a way as you can apply something from every class you come to. You will have the tools right then that make you safer on your way to your loved ones doorstep, and until the next class.
     The Modified part of Modified Martial Arts means that the styles I have studied for years in have peices slightly changed and mixed with other styles. Mixed Martial Arts. This mix of modified martial arts I teach, makes it easier to learn and more effeciently apply from one range of physical distance to the next. Much like boxing is in punching range, but sometimes you need to get closer or further away and boxing alone doesn't teach you how to do that.

My Philosophy

My Mission to my students is to teach at the highest quality you can get. But also, by doing so, you can learn as quickly and easily as possible. In this method you can defend yourself, through awareness, avoidance, and then physical attributes to be able to stop a threat if you must, to protect yourself or loved ones.