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My Name is Adam C. Powers

     I am the head instructor of Modified Martial Arts and also kickboxing.
     I have studied and researched criminology, physiology, and also of course over twenty years in the martial arts, to have the needed tools to be confident enough to teach you self defense. Along with my years of application, I am fully confident that I can make any student safer after each class. I take the idea of self defense seriously, but I am also kind of a jokester, during classes at times. Only due to my light hearted nature.
     I have studied five styles of martial arts over my twenty years of training. These many different styles and my experience of applying them in real life, is where I draw my knowledge together for the Modified Martial Arts system.
I am also the author of the book                  

     I also teach Kickboxing from the American style of kickboxing.

     I like to keep my classes fun and without ego, but also keep your heart pumping for a good workout! I like my classes to be a safe place where we can all learn in a safe environment. In that respect, I never push any students into sparring. Sparring is a great workout and can be fun, but that is a personal decision for every student.

     Thanks for your time.


              Head Instructor

              Adam C. Powers


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